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Hello people in the U.S.

If you are reading this, you must be interested in Layla Lane merchandise, UFO Radar.  UFO Radar is currently only available at Layla Lane shows.  I’m sorry for those who are not in LA!

Here are 2 main function of our UFO Radar:

1.  UFO Radar is on 24/7 and tells you when a UFO is around with a beep sound.

2. You can detect if your friend is an alien by having your friend hold down the button.  If your friend is an alien, UFO Radar will freak out.

Real UFO Radar experiences:

We have so far detected one alien friend.  THIS IS NOT RANDOM!  Whenever we tried on this particular friend, it reacted but no one else.

Also I found 2 aliens on a train in Japan.  All of sudden, my UFO Radar started to beep.  I looked around and there was this couple of an Asian man and a Caucasian girl.  The man looked kind of Japanese but not quite, and the top of his head was COMPLETELY FLAT!!!  They were speaking in the language that I didn’t understand.  I told Junichi Yaoi, the NO.1 UFO researcher in Japan, about this and he said, “They must be aliens.  When aliens pretend to be a human being, male aliens tend to pretend to be Asian, and female Scandinavian.”  So, I knew they were aliens!!! I wanted to ask them but I didn’t know what to ask… “Excuse me, but are you guys aliens??”

First show that you can get UFO Radar is on Feb 2nd at THE MINT.

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