A Horse is a Horse!

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…Or so I thought.

Meet Bongo, a wild and crazy friend of Heday’s from Shizuoka. Bongo and I hit it off right away and decided that we might as well be bff’s.
What I didn’t know, however, is that Bongo and I are in a race with each other. Apparently we are competing to see who can learn English/Japanese the fastest. The prize? Bragging rights, although I’m not sure how legit the contest is since I found out about it several months after Bongo started studying English (Who makes these rules anyway?). So Bongo’s got a bit of a head start, but I am confident I can still come out on top, even if it means losing a bff in the process.

Anyway, during my time as a foreigner in Japan, I figured that, when in doubt, use animal sounds and gestures to communicate. After all, a dog is a dog and a horse is a horse no matter where you are. I may not know how to say “horse” in Japanese, but if I make horse sounds and walk like one, people will understand. Here I am teaching Bongo some very important English phrases (“I can walk like a horse – a backwards horse, a backwards horse”) to accompany some exquisitely-choreographed dance moves.

Click here to watch: IMG_0081

Speaking of horses, do you like fun-for-the-whole-family, action-packed horse movies starring country music superstars? Of horse you do! Check out Flicka 2, a touching masterpiece that’s sure to be a staple in the horse film genre for years to come. Sweeeeet soundtrack too.


  1. Bongosays:

    05.23.2010 at 21:01 (#)


    How do you doing?
    Do you have other my photo?This photo is not cool. THrough in my nous with own finger that is so nosense.
    とりあえず言いたいのは、ヴァレリー元気?あなたのブログ読みました。でも他に写真は無かったの?これじゃ俺がアホみたいじゃーん。って事です。でも嬉しいです!こうして書いてくれるってことは俺を覚えてるって事だよね?ますます英語の勉強に身が入ります。もし俺が英語がペラペラになってヴァレリーが日本に来た時は思いきり笑わせてやるからね。あと、Hedayの言った肛門の話はnot trueだし、胸の話も俺は見てないからね~

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