The Secret is Out!

04.27.2010  |  Published in diary

When I first traveled to Japan about 6 years ago, I returned to the homeland with tons of yen in coin form. My paper money all became dollars once again, but the coins were useless. Or so I thought.

For a while they hung out in the glove compartment of my car waiting patiently for me to either return to Japan or throw them away. But one day I found myself in a metered parking spot with nothing to feed the hungry beast but a couple of nickels. Great – a whopping 6 minutes!! So I reached into my stash of yen, started feeding, and sure enough the 10 yen pieces gave me 15 minutes a pop!

So folks, the secret is out. 10 yen coins are just as good as quarters. Maybe not in the drive-thru, but certainly handy in parking meters, laundry machines, and vending machines. And probably this thing too:

And since 10 yen are only worth about 10 cents, this really is quite the deal – a 60% savings to be exact. Great for those of you traveling to Japan soon and pinching pennies.

Doesn’t it feel good to beat the system?

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