Japan Trip 4

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Valerie teaches Bongo how to dance

After the Tokyo show, we stayed in Tokyo for about 1 week.  I got very sick the day after the show.  I had very high fever and bad stomachache.  Valerie took me to see a doctor.  My brother came to help me at the clinic and Valerie was nice enough to tell my brother that I have high fever in Japanese.

Doctor told me it was a kind of cold that many people get nowadays.  I was trendy enough to catch it right on time.  I know what’s in and hot.  I had waterpoo, kinda like ABBA song, for good 4 days.  The first day I had my solid one, I couldn’t help reporting it to Valerie and celebrated.

So I spent most of the time in bed in Tokyo and came back to Shizuoka for a highschool show.

To be continued…


  1. Bongosays:

    04.27.2010 at 18:40 (#)


    Pleae forgive me for my stupid act the other day,おっぱい見てました

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