Puppy Prostitution and Other Weird Japanese Things (Japan part 3)

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Everyone knows that Japan is full of crazy gadgets and weirdness, and I have decided to dedicate this 3rd installment of my Japan series to the things I found most special. First and foremost, the toilets. Many of the toilets in Japan are fully loaded with high-tech functions such as showers, fake flushing sounds, and seat-heating. A typical Japanese bidet:

At least this one has English translations. One time I tried to press the musical notes thinking the toilet would start singing a song, but got a lousy electronic flush noise instead. The heated ones were actually the most disturbing to me because they felt like someone had been sittin’ for a while to warm them up. I prefer my toilet seats cold, thank you.
On the total opposite end of the spectrum are the ‘Japanese style’ toilets, which really aren’t toilets at all but holes in the ground. I still don’t quite know how to use them:

While walking through the Odaiba area of Tokyo, we came across this store, called ‘Puppy the World.’

Now, I never knew that ‘puppy’ could be used as a verb, but Puppy the World taught me that puppies can be used as a lot of things – overnight companions, hourly rentals, temporary escorts. Yes, Puppy the World is a dog rental service that whores canines out to desperate humans – by the hour. For a few extra yen you can take home a poor, confused puppy for the night. Here is their brochure:

And now for some more fun things. Here is a dead jellyfish.

Food shaped like non-food - Hello Kitty fish cakes. (Really? Um, yuck?)

And of course, non-food shaped like food - a sandwich chair.

An actual sandwich, or rap. I think they meant 'wrap.'

Titty and Co. - I think that's a designer.

Tittie Red Hood

And finally, making its second appearance in my blog, the one and only drink served in a severed human head.

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