Japan Trip 3

04.16.2010  |  Published in diary

We had an interview with Jessica from May Pang's website. See how all the Beatles' related people come around Layla Lane?

On April 4th, Layla Lane played the very first show in Japan!  The Crawfish, the venue, was packed and fullhouse like the Olsen twins.  There were many of my friends, families, industry people, celebrities, and Valerie’s fan.

People were smoking inside the venue so I asked the owner to make it a NON-SMOKE event, but Julie convinced me that I could only do that when I’m big enough.  I think smoking manner in Japan is quite bad.  I feel like spit around people who are smoking and tell them “there is no sign that says I can’t spit around you”.  Smoke is that annoying to me,,, is what I’m saying.  Someone should invent a condom for cigarettes if they want to do it so bad inside.

Anyroad, I was very worried about my voice, throat, and condition.  There came my dear friend Masu.  Masu is a man with telekinesis ability.  Not only he can bend spoons, he can turn on the switch of our self-healing system.  He worked on me for about 20 mins, and came back right before the set and worked on some more.  He said “you should be able to carry on your set”.  Also my voice teacher came and did some massage on my neck, which was painful!

Before we went on, Mitsuru played his set with a violinist.  His set was very inspiring as usual.  The way he carries on his set is so smooth and encouraging.  Then our turn.  God, it felt good.  And I could go through my set without any problem!!!  WOW!  My bandmates were shocked too because they knew how bad shape I was in.

And in the end, everyone enjoyed LAYLA LANE.  There were many gaijins as well as Japanese people, which I liked.  Layla Lane will be a bridge between Japan and America.

To be continued…

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