Layla Lane Takes Tokyo by Storm! (Japan part 2)

04.15.2010  |  Published in diary

After settling in Yaizu and spending the day with Aika, my old college piano friend, we rehearsed with our amazing band and made the trek up to Tokyo for our show at the Crawfish. Actually, ‘amazing’ is a huge understatement – in addition to being incredible musicians, our band members drove us all around town more than once and were happy to carry my 50 lb. keyboard in and out of cars, up and down stairs, etc. I thought, ‘I could get used to this,’ and am currently accepting applications for the position of personal roadie. Please note that this is a volunteer position and will only be compensated with smiles, thank you’s, and a guaranteed good time.

The band! Satoru, me, Hide, Hide #2, and Yohei

Anyway, our show was so much fun. We managed to pack the whole place and the entire bar was decked out in Layla Lane merchandise, including this cool banner from Coca-cola.

It was crazy to see so many people I knew – not only people I had met through Heday but also friends from L.A. and…….the internet! Sounds a little creepy, and maybe it is, but my ‘friend’ from a Japanese social networking site heard about the show and totally showed up. By himself. Fan or stalker? Too soon to tell.

Tokyo itself is insane and off-the-wall and crowded and colorful and everything you would imagine it to be. Heday was feeling a little under the weather so I explored the city on my own and pretty much became an expert at the subway system. I got to try out my latest Japanese phrases, including ‘My friend has a fever,’ ‘My bum is swollen,’ ‘Why are there no trash cans in Japan?’ and ‘Where is the nearest prison-hospital themed bar?’

Lino, my high school friend, college friend, former co-worker, and now Tokyo friend. At Alcatraz E.R., a prison-hospital themed establishment in Shibuya.

On an added note, you would think that a country as technologically advanced as Japan would be one gigantic internet hot spot, just emanating with wireless signals. But you would be wrong. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a huge fan of latching on to others’ unsecured wireless networks from secret hiding places. (I may or may not be blogging from my parked car in a Pasadena neighborhood right now). Well, this is pretty much impossible in Japan. The dude at Starbucks didn’t even know what wireless internet was! So making it to my email and keeping in touch with the folks back at home wasn’t exactly easy – my apologies for any delays in email responses.

Hang tight, more to come!!

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