Japan Trip 2

04.14.2010  |  Published in diary

According to Bongo, Kou bites everyone but she was nice to Valerie.

Valerie arrived in Yaizu, where I grew up.  Her friend Aika came to visit all the way from Okazaki.  We all went out to Shizuoka to hang out, pick up my snake pants, get a hair cut and etc…  Then one of my best friends Bongo joined us later on.  Bongo is learning English and he calls me here in LA about every week to ask me English questions.  Bongo was very shy this day… I reckon a pretty white blond girl was a bit too intense for him.

Within 24 hrs since Valerie arrived in Yaizu, we had our first band rehearsal.  Satoru, the bassist, and Hide, the drummer, were great.  I’d told them about 2 weeks before our first show that I wanted them to play 5-6 songs, which ended up being 11 songs for them.  They were like “We are busy salary men!  You need to treat us with Korean BBQ!!”  This is one of the greatest attitudes in Shizuoka; no one is expecting to be paid to play.  They simply do it for the love for music and friends.  Fortunately, I have some friends that are like that even here in LA and I love them.

To be continued…

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