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Trying to catch Mochi they threw at the Festival. She failed catching one but a lady gave her one for feeling so pathitic.

We just got back from our first Japan trip together.  I was very excited to show Valerie where, how, and with whom I grew up.  Valerie did great trying out many weird Japanese things including squid, fish, etc…  Next time, I need to get her to try the Japanese toilet… fortunately for Valerie, my family reformed our toilet into a western style a couple of years ago.

The day Valerie arrived

We were supposed to meet at Tokyo Station Shinkansen entrance at 7pm.  I waited and waited but no Valerie.  There were 2 entrances for Shinkansen, so I came and went one to the other over 15 times.  It was already around 9 pm.  I asked around if anyone has seen a blond girl with a huge keyboard case.  Then one family said “Yes we saw her.  She was on the same Narita Express with us.”  And I finally found her.  There had been no time that I missed Valerie that much in my life.

To be continued…


  1. valeriesays:

    04.13.2010 at 13:33 (#)


    you have to give me props for at least trying the weird food!! i will admit i failed at the toilets. maybe next time?

  2. Brandonsays:

    04.13.2010 at 14:01 (#)


    I’m not sure if they have Japanese toilets in the US but a hole dug into the ground is a pretty good substitute.

  3. Jimsays:

    04.14.2010 at 09:47 (#)


    こんにちは Heday-san, Valerie-san,

    Awesome! What else can I say. I just loved “No More”

    I stumbled upon this gem from the Crawfish Tokyo website, saw your video, and had to get in touch! This is a fantastic song! Congrats!

    I was born in Canada but have been living in Izu for 15 years now…great to see a fellow Shizuoka musician making fantastic music! Hope to see you on your next trip back to Japan.



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