24-Hour LIVE Writing Session! A recap…

12.08.2011  |  Published in diary

Last week’s 24-hour songwriting session was even more difficult than I expected. 24 hours is a long time to spend writing, especially when it’s broadcast live for the whole world to see. In all, 38,000 people tuned in to watch Heday and I crank out hits.

The idea for this came about when Heday showed me a video of a Japanese man undertaking the “hundred man kumite,” which is supposedly the ultimate test of physical and mental perseverance in Martial Arts. Apparently after fighting his hundredth opponent, he found something in himself that he never knew existed. Of course, he was immediately rushed to the hospital too, having suffered bodily damage that would affect him permanently. I think his taste buds were completely destroyed.

“Isn’t that beautiful?” Heday asked me. Hmmm.

Ok, I get it. There is something beautiful about pushing one’s limit to the absolute extreme. But I can tell you, after 24 hours in a tiny room writing songs, I did NOT feel beautiful.

I did have a fun time preparing for the session since it felt like I was packing for something completely unknown. Yes, it was only 24 hours, but I still needed changes of clothes (I wore three outfits in total), my toothbrush, ample snacking material, and of course caffeine. I normally attempt to limit my caffeine intake, but this time it was triple espresso all the way! Lots of junk food too and totally justified in this situation, right? : )

A quick run to Ringside Liquor across the street scored us seven of these:

Every three hours, we would scratch one off and hope for the big bucks. A little something to look forward to.

The writing session started off rather methodically and was actually quite productive. We would start with lyrical and musical concepts and proceed to make music. Viewers from all over the world were tuning in from their computers, and it was fascinating to interact with them as they watched our process.

This lasted maybe 6 hours.

Things started to go downhill. At the 12 hour mark, which seemed like an important milestone, I cringed at the thought of spending 12 more hours in that room. Everything I played on my keyboard started to sound ugly, and I was tired. It’s always hard to force creativity, but this time it felt like a chore.

Surprisingly, I only felt like going to sleep a few times throughout the 24 hours. But I did have that feeling you get when you don’t sleep at all, and your body shakes and you don’t know whether you’re hot or cold.

I guess I was kind of looking forward to the crazy ideas that might come out of us when we were tired and a little loopy. But my brain was fried. We both knew this would be difficult, but really didn’t expect the sounds of our instruments to be so cringe-worthy. Heday wondered if music would ever sound good again.

The last hour was the hardest, as I became an emotional wreck and didn’t have the mental strength to keep from breaking down. And, with thousands of people watching us on Ustream, I felt like a reality TV drama queen. Yikes.

And to top it all off, we won NOTHING from our seven Cool 7’s lotto tickets! Odds of winning? 1:4. We must have gotten a bad batch.

BUT…we made it!

I think my brain will thank me for this someday. I gave it a good work-out. I don’t know if I would do this again, but it seems like we’ve inspired others to push their limits and see what happens. Many thanks to all who supported us through this endeavor – all your views and comments were much appreciated!

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