In case you’ve ever wondered where Heday comes from (Japan part 1)

04.13.2010  |  Published in diary

Many of us, myself included, have spent quite some time wondering where Heday comes from. Is he human? Does he have a family? Is he from this world, or was he mysteriously teleported to Earth one day, guitar in hand?

Wonder no more! I’ve got the answers! Heday DOES have a family! A sister, a brother, a mother, and a father. They are adorable and awesome and they come from a tiny town in Japan called Yaizu. They grow many of their own vegetables in the farming area in front of their home and on the mountain directly behind it. Just down the road is an old cemetery where at least 16 generations of Hedays past are buried. Now, that’s a whole lot of Heday! Please enjoy these photos before he makes me take them down.

Heday's family!

Heday's mommy, most likely making fun of his furry jacket

I might get in trouble for this one.

Yumiko, the sister

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