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10.12.2011  |  Published in diary

Hey! Thanks for visiting my hlog!

I’d like to introduce you to one of my recent favorites – the China Flat trail in Oak Park, CA. Don’t get too excited now – this is not the famed China Flat Bigfoot Museum in Humboldt County. As far as I know there have been no Bigfoot sightings here, nor are there any cool waterfalls to hike to, ocean views, or anything too spectacular. In fact, my mid-afternoon, mid-summer treks up to China Flat were downright miserable. There’s no shade on the mountain, it’s HOT, and the trail is anything BUT flat – especially if you go the long way, which is much more fun and adds about 20 minutes to the upward trip. Oh yeah, there are flies too (the bitin’ kind!). This miserable-ness can be easily avoided with a little common sense (as in, don’t go when it’s 100 degrees out).

There are some pretty interesting sandstone rock formations. This photo was taken from the shortest, most direct route up the mountain:

Once you get to China Flat it is really quite beautiful. All of a sudden there are oak trees, bunnies, butterflies, and birds. Check it out:

FUN FACT: During the Chinese Exclusion Act period, this area was difficult for most people to find. As a result, it became a place to hide illegal Chinese immigrants who were put ashore along the nearby coast. Hence the name China Flat.

Sometimes if I’m up for it, I’ll continue on the trail to Simi Peak which, at 2,403 feet, is the highest point in the Simi Hills. Hint: Don’t call your parents from the top of Simi Peak and tell them you’re lost – they WILL freak out. I know from experience. There are pretty awesome 360 degree views of the surrounding neighborhoods and mountains. Here’s the view from one side:

Who wants to join me next time?

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