How does it feel to be a theif

03.18.2010  |  Published in diary

Last weekend, Valerie and I went to the studio where we record all our stuff.  I forgot that I left my keys at Valerie’s apartment’s valet parking.  When we got there, there was one car in the parking lot and the light was on inside, which told us someone was there.  So we rang the bell… no answere.  Hmmm, most peculiar.  We kept on ringing the bell, but no one seemed to come and open the door for us.  So we went to the back door just to see if it’s open, and weirdly enough, they were unlocked!!  So, we went inside.

No one is in the huge tracking room…

No one is in the control room though the computer is on!

We walked further in to the studio and when we passed by the water place…


The alarm went off sooooooooooooooo loudly.  I freaked out and thought we would be arrested by the police.  We ran to the alarm and tried to turn it off.  I was so freaking out that I forgot the password, but Valerie remembered it.  And the alarm was now turned on.  Phewwwwwww.  For a few minutes, I felt as if I was a thief.  Not a great feeling.

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