Does Anyone Know This Woman?

02.17.2011  |  Published in diary

Does anyone know this woman?

Or these doggies?

Does this rug look familiar?

I didn’t think so.

While I was reviewing my photos taken from yesterday’s Boney Mountain adventure, I noticed this woman and her doggies in the gallery section of my new cell phone. Along with about 12 videos.

Knowing that I am often forgetful and absent-minded, I thought and thought. Do I even OWN a rug? Did I meet two white doggies playing in a park? Had I ridden in a van with a lady in red who kind of looks like Ozzy Osbourne?

Certainly not in the last 3 days.

So it occurred to me that my brand new phone might not be as brand new as I thought. In fact, I am 97% sure Verizon sold me someone else’s returned cell phone. Which possibly explains why the phone sucks.

Either way, I’ve gotta make my way out to the Sherman Oaks Verizon store and cause some trouble. Maybe they’ll refund some of my money.

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