It’s a Boney Mountain Tuesday!

02.16.2011  |  Published in diary

Today I went on a pretty intense hike up around Boney Mountain in Point Mugu State Park. It was a nearly 8-mile long trek through the Satwiwa loop, Boney Mountain Trail, Old Boney Trail, Fossil Trail, and a couple others. According to my hiking book it passes some of the highest points in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The adventure was off to a great start when I spotted four coyotes walking around on the grass. I asked if they wanted to join me on the hike, but they said they had other plans. One of them was sitting down like this:

What a good boy!

Along the way we came across a 70-foot waterfall, which was really more like a 70-foot pee-stream, but I am sure that after the rain this week it will be a bit more spectacular.

Then there was this chimney standing in the middle of nowhere which apparently belonged to this dude named Richard Ely Danielson.

I also made friends with two of these guys, some kind of slimy lizard with big yellow eyes:

I think this is Boney Mountain. It looks pretty boney to me.

Who wants to join my Boney Mountain party next time?

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