Cut but curvaceous…in Kentucky?

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Wow, Heday is quick with the blogs. Make sure you read about our adventure to the other side of town!

Anyway, after doing some quick college-grad style research, I found out that Layla Lane from has a Kentucky phone number. Kentucky?! I am embarrassed to admit that I can’t name a single city in Kentucky except for Hodgenville, where the great Abraham Lincoln was born. But I digress… Kentucky is far.

This is going to be harder than I thought. Of course, there’s always some fundraising that can be done – “Fly Layla Lane (the band) to Kentucky!” or “Fly Layla Lane (the dominatrix muscle lady) to Los Angeles!”

But I did meet this dude at an open mic last Friday. He was interested in our music and gave me his business card, and while I thought nothing of it at the time, today I took a second look. Not only is he from Kentucky, he also has the same area code as Layla! Coincidence? Maybe, but I might just have to send him home with a CD. Maybe he can help me get this correspondence started.

Update: I just visited his website, and it’s a little creepy. He calls himself a cinematographer, but his site has floating stars in the background and this sort of early 1990’s vibe – you know, when people first became aware of the ‘world wide web’ and ‘CD-roms’. Maybe I will stick to the fundraisers. I am, after all, pretty good at bake sales.


  1. DR. Dangersays:

    03.17.2010 at 08:25 (#)


    hahaha… I say you put together a web-chat with Layla from Kentucky.. I think we all would enjoy watching that

  2. valeriesays:

    03.17.2010 at 14:33 (#)


    Thanks for the tip, Dr. Danger. You should change your name to Dr. Genius!

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