Junichi Yaoi

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This guy is awesome. How do I know? I met him back in July at a media event for the Weekly World News in Tokyo. He is the leading UFO researcher in Japan and appeared on a very select panel of paranormal experts. So you know he’s the real deal. To top it off, he sat next to me at dinner and didn’t even judge when I refused to eat the fried mystery food everyone else was enjoying (Fried hormones? Testicles? Fish brains?). Cool dude.

Anyway, Junichi Yaoi has supervised the production of a real-live UFO radar, a device that not only detects when you are in the presence of a UFO, but also can determine whether or not your dear friends are aliens (FYI – I have yet to try this out on Heday). Such a practical invention can only come from a place like Japan, and until now, it has not been available anywhere else. However, we are getting a shipment of these to share with YOU, just in time for our show at the Mint on February 2nd! How cool is that?

I’m not even going to apologize for the shameless promotion here, because these are truly awesome. Check the flier below for show details – we’ll see you there!

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