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I never thought I’d ever be much of a blogger, but after seeing that Heday already has like 3 posts up, I started to feel a little inadequate. So, alas, the time has come, and here I go!

Rather than sharing with all of you my thoughts and day-to-day goings on, which are generally dumb, I thought I would give this blog a purpose. Some kind of motivation to accomplish goals or make things happen in my life.

So…have you ever visited If you haven’t, well, you should. Layla Lane is an amazing woman who seems to be very good at what she does. Here are some excerpts from her website: “I am a 5’9″ awe-inspiring amazon of rock hard muscle and feminine beauty. Hard, buff, vascular, and cut but curvaceous in all the right places.” “I am the ultimate zenith of feminine power and domination.” “I can beguile you with my beauty, seduce you to surrender to my every bidding, or forcefully take what is mine through the power of my tremendous body.” the real Layla Lane

“Cut but curvaceous in all the right places”!? I love it! If I had a reason to, I would use that every day. I can’t even describe in words what an honor it would be to meet Layla Lane and her tremendous body. So, Layla Lanians, that is my goal. Some way, somehow, we WILL meet her. Who knows, maybe we can even share fans/clients/whatever you call it.

Just imagine the sheer awesomeness of a photo of Layla Lane – the band – posing with Layla Lane – the dominatrix muscle lady – holding a Layla Lane CD. I think my head might just explode.


  1. Phil Deansays:

    03.07.2010 at 14:42 (#)



    I think that you are way hotter than the other Layla Lane. Though she could probably kill you.

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