03.06.2010  |  Published in diary

Today, I went to 2 open-mics with Valerie.  We enjoyed playing but one of the mics fell right on my guitar and made a little scratch…  I want to cry.  It’s a 1954 vintage guitar… you don’t drop mics on a 56-year-old dude or lady.   Maybe I will put a band aid so that it’ll heal by itself.

And then at the 2nd open mic, I hurt some girl’s feeling unintentionally.  She thought I was laughing at her performance or something… it’s not always good to have a smilie face (some people from university thought I was always stoned because of my smilie face).  But I explained that I didn’t mean to intimidate her or had no idea she felt that way, and then we became good friends.  She kinda looked like Britney Spears and cool.

At the end of the night, I had a good hamburger, fries-well-done, and coke.  It was all good after all.

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