About Layla Lane

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
How did the members of Layla Lane meet?: At a party for a mutual friend, also a musician
Origin of the name: It was getting late, we were getting cranky, and it was the only name the two of us didn’t hate. After trying out “Ruby Cube”, “Lovetron”, “Pepper People”, and “The Prima Donuts”, Layla Lane just seemed to fit.
Meaning of the name: Nothing…we just like the way it sounds. No relation at all to Eric Clapton’s Layla.
Why not www.laylalane.com?: Point your web browser there and see for yourself.

Name: Heday
Nickname: heatan
Hometown: Yaizu
Favorite country: Sweden and France
Favorite thing: something heavy, big and hot
People I’d like to meet: Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, and France Gall in the 60’s
People I respect: John Lennon, Osamu Tezuka, Mas Oyama, and Hitoshi Matsumoto
Favorite food: French Fries well done
Favorite drink: Cold and thick Coca Cola

Name: Valerie
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite color: Red
Favorite music to listen to: Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Spanish and Russian piano music
Favorite place to shop: RiteAid (drugstore)
Hobbies other than music: traveling to haunted places and historic sites from the U.S. Civil War
Guilty internet pleasure: perusing pictures of puppies on www.dailypuppy.com
Claim to fame: body double for actress Lindsay Lohan in the worst movie of 2007 (I Know Who Killed Me)


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